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Marcus Harris is the proud father of Hannah Harris, with whom he's co-authored #snapshot. He’s also a bestselling, award-winning, critically acclaimed poet, author, filmmaker, philanthropist, and activist. He’s long been hailed for his insightful, timely, and often poignantly humorous body of poetry, prose, and commentary.

Marcus' writings have been featured in Ebony, Essence, and Rhapsody Magazines, as well as in numerous journals and ezines. He's been praised for his skill at combining traditional poetic elements with a modern improvisational style to highlight issues of cultural, political, and societal importance.



Hannah Harris likes thinking outside the box. She enjoys drawing, listening to music, writing poetry, and playing with her family.

#snapshot, Hannah's debut collection of poetry co-written with her father, Marcus, is the introduction of what promises to be a long, fruitful literary career for her. At only 13 years old, Hannah is just beginning to explore the depths of her considerable creativity.

By Hannah & Marcus Harris

VerseSeven | 100 pages | January 2018


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Hannah & Marcus Harris



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Marcus Harris


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Hannah Harris


The enticing confusion of young love...the harsh realities of the school-to-prison pipeline...the fears stoked by a controversial new President...a vast range of thoughts and feelings, all coming together to describe the collective life of America's modern day youth.

Join father and daughter duo Marcus and Hannah Harris as they explore the poetic depths of the tumultuous, often explosive years that ultimately shape us all. Whether it’s acne, bullying, family, love, or anything in-between, it’s all captured right here, in a rich, timely, all too real #snapshot.