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33 Days To Live is a captivating YA fiction tale of discovering one's true invaluable worth.
By Mari Bramson.

Alesandese is a heart-stopping

YA fantasy fiction thriller.
By Zenah Khoder.

Waiting For The Sunrise is a moving tale of

young adult romance.
By Trinity Suh.

Uncovered is a thought-provoking Christian Fiction tale of what happens when the fairy tale dream of marriage becomes a living nightmare.
By Shenette Jones.

The Straight And Narrow is an engaging suspense tale of the unforeseen dangers of following your heart.
By David Toth.

Broken is an eye-opening Christian fiction tale

of learning to embrace one's true self.
By Tamara Cobbs.

The Journey, Book 1: The Council is a thrilling YA tale
of intergalactic action & adventure.
By Phillip Giroux.

Mil-Town's Finest is a gripping urban fiction tale
of betrayal, redemption, and the cold, 
inescapable grasp of vengeance.
By Charae Lewis.

Dinner Thieves is a dynamic urban fiction tale of breaking out of the deadly cycle of poverty -

any way you can. 
By Sidney Moore.

Circumstance is an eye-opening historical romance novel highlighting the importance of learning to love yourself, no matter your situation.
By Jaylen Ross.

Kayla's Redemption is a soul-stirring Christian Fiction tale of learning to embrace the power of forgiveness. 
By Wanda B. Campbell.

Liberation is an uplifting tale of the healing, redemptive power of true love.
By Wanda B. Campbell.

Barking Madness is a gripping YA tale of dark mystery and deadly intrigue. 
By Ryan Hill.

Olympic is a touching romance tale of learning to embrace the mysterious ways of the human heart.
By Jaylen Ross.

Boss Bitch Swag is a gripping, bestselling urban fiction tale of love, heartache - and life-threatening betrayal. 
By Cynthia White.

Ardor is an intriguing YA fantasy suspense thriller.
By Haley Clark.

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