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"I loved this book. Cynthia White, please make another one...can't leave us hanging like this."

​- Koko

"Loved this book. I read it twice. I would love to see a movie made of from this book!"

​- Brittany D. Williams


Cynthia White is the Essence Bestselling Author of Queen and Always A Queen. She's been writing ever since she learned how to hold a pencil - and she wrote her debut novel, Queen, in one week. Cynthia was born and raised in St. Louis. Her father, whom she never met, was African-American, and her mother is half-Irish and half-Indian. Having grown up in a tough neighborhood, she saw many things that no little girl should have to see. Going through the motions for a long time trying to figure out her place in life, Cynthia wasn't sure what God put her on Earth to do. It wasn't until her senior year of high school, when a teacher encouraged her, that she even considered writing as a career.


Cynthia White