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Sidney Moore


Sidney Moore is a native of Portsmouth, VA, who has been writing for quite some time. He has done freelance for newspapers such as the Tidewater News, and magazines such as Western Tidewater Living. He also does modeling for Akoo Clothing and other companies and is in the process of filming a documentary. He is usually behind the lens or in front of the lens when he's not pushing his creativity with his ink pen. 

In his down time, Sidney enjoys traveling everywhere in search of great art and even better music. Sidney studied at Saint Leo University and plans to continue his learning career at Old Dominion University. 

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Dinner Thieves

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Dinner Thieves



Paperback - $7.95

The 6 | 238 pages | October 2015


​eBook - $1.99

1995: Portsmouth, VA, is deemed The Heroin Capital of the East Coast by the Drug Enforcement Agency, at the same time the city ranks 5th in the nation for homicides. Local teenage residents Leak and his friends are doing all within their power to escape the world of poverty in which they've been born and raised. The quickest way for them to achieve financial security is by selling heroin in the housing projects; however, with the influx of drug dealers from out of town coming to share the wealth, their plan of dealing soon turns into one of stealing and killing forcing them to become Dinner Thieves, doing their best to keep other hustlers from eating, or earning a living. 

While Leak struggles with his personal demons and nurtures a budding relationship with his girlfriend, Djamilla, he and his friends are pulled into a drug conspiracy by The Diamond Mafia, a lethal drug crew from Miami. Further complicating matters is an aggressive investigation by the DEA resulting in the gruesome murder of a beloved member of Leak's crew. 

When the smoke clears, will Leak and his friends leave the street life behind and start anew, or will their pursuit of the American Dream ultimately cost them their freedom and lives...?

By Sidney Moore

Dinner Thieves