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Family First



As the head of the family, Michael Bailey recognizes all the things a family needs to function properly: love, stability, communication, and respect for one another. He feels that he and his wife, Sandra, have done a phenomenal job of establishing these qualities among their family of five, which includes their three children, Shantè, Devin, and Kimberly. 

However, when the Baileys invite a troubled young man named Deondrè to come live with them, in an attempt to help him change his life, the street-bred young man’s presence soon leads to unwanted chaos. In addition, Deondrè’s budding romance with Shantè eventually distracts Michael from the serious issues confronting his family, such as his son going down the wrong path, and his wife, who feels neglected, finding solace in the arms of another. 

Can Michael stop the damage that threatens to destroy his home when he fails to put family first…?


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By D.D. Bridges

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Family First

Family First



D.D. Bridges



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The 6 | 265 pages | March 2017


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D.D. began writing at an early age. During her adolescent and teen years, being an author never seemed like a realistic aspiration. Because of that, she aspired to have a more traditional career. She considered going to law school, but upon graduating from high school she decided to major in psychology.

After dropping out of college early, D.D. found herself working at a trade school, monitoring dormitories on the graveyard shift, a job that she held for four and a half years. It was during these long night shifts that she was able to work on her novels. In June 2012, D.D. decided to go back to school and continue to pursue her degree in psychology. By the end of that same year, she’d completed her first novel, Family First: The Beginning of the End.