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Charae Lewis


Charae Lewis was born and raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Reading has always been one of her favorite hobbies, and she was eventually inspired by other authors to write her own story - ultimately challenging herself to write a book. Charae loves writing because it simply takes her to another world where she can design the rules. She also writes for the benefit of young people going through the same types of situations that she pens. Ready to take the literary industry by storm, Charae is currently working on her fifth novel, and one day she aims to grace the NY Times Best Seller List.

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Charae Lewis

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Mil-Town's Finest



Paperback - $7.95

The 6 | 231 pages | April 2012


​eBook - $1.99

Natalya has learned that life can throw many curve balls. Since her mother never cared for her, she was forced to turn her hustle mode on, learning to become a woman at an early age. Working for Milwaukee's Kingpin Pooh wasn't a dream for Natalya, but it paid well; however, after a fateful encounter with the law - coupled with the betrayal of those closest to her - she's forced to face the reality that she could spend years behind bars...

After doing a one-year bid, Natalya has a new lease on life, determined to pursue her calling as a fashion designer. While getting her life together, she runs into her childhood crush, J'ron, who just happens to be the brother of her nemesis, Nissa. As Natalya's bond with J'ron deepens - will it be strong enough to endure the deadly of vengeance...?

By Charae Lewis

Mil-Town's Finest