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Patriece is a talented playwright and author, and her passion lies in novels. In 2006, she self-published her debut novel, When Somebody Loves You Back, again to a phenomenal response. In 2008, she released her second novel, He Looked Like A Man Until He Barked.  At that point, life showed up and disrupted the flow of Patriece's career as she separated from her husband. 

In 2014, Patriece returned with a vengeance, pouring her heart and soul into her next novel, Myles From Love, which was inspired by her healing process and restoration to wholeness. She is currently working on her fourth novel. 

Patriece lives in the greater San Francisco Bay Area with her two daughters.

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Myles From Love



Paperback - $7.95

Exalt | 254 pages | November 2014


​eBook - $1.99

Having been abandoned by her own father, Paige Anthony is a wounded soul in need of restoration. Just when she thinks she’s found it in her husband Myles, his cheating ways and battles with addiction and absentee parenting threaten to tear their marriage apart. As Paige treads the fine line between forgiveness and self-destruction, she grows to learn invaluable truths not only about herself, but about her wayward husband...however, when another man enters the picture with the promise of true love, will he steal Paige’s heart away before Myles can heal it and redeem himself?

By Patriece

Myles From Love