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Jaylen Ross

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Jaylen Ross


Inspired by Victoria Holt during her teenage years, Jaylen Ross creates literature heavily steeped in romance and history. Striving to be a master at the craft of proper romance, she places much emphasis on the sparking chemistry between a man and woman, giving readers "the swoon" that they have experienced in the past, or hope to experience in the future.  Her stories go beyond the romance, offering depth and teaching along the way.

Jaylen lives in Northern Colorado and received her BA in Music Education. Besides being a crazy-busy wife, and mother of four, she is a devout Christian, an education activist, and a successful piano teacher. 

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Enrapture | 259 pages | January 2016


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Most women would think it impossible for their fiancé to fall in love with another woman – especially one who's a ghost – but not Elise Fenton. The childhood friend of Allric Tulzer, Elise has always been secretly in love with him, but not only does Allric not return her feelings, he doesn't know how; he's a man who was born without the ability to feel love or any other emotions. A woman in the form of a ghost, though, soon sets him on a transformative journey that will lead him to fall in love and learn how to feel human emotions. With Allric and Elise set to be married soon, can Allric's paranormal paramour teach him the ways of the human heart before it's too late? 

By Jaylen Ross