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By Alain Medel

​Paperback - $12.95


In the year 2086, three friends, Virgil, Haley, and Cameron, are prisoners in Purgatory. After a nuclear war on Earth, the remaining humans now inhabit IO, a moon orbiting Jupiter. The inhabitants of Purgatory are told they have a deadly virus and must be quarantined - but Virgil knows the truth: there is no virus.

The 124 children in Purgatory have unique gifts: Virgil has telekinesis, Haley can manipulate sound waves, and Cameron can heal others. Determined to escape their prison, the three friends hatch a daring plan. Will they make it out of Purgatory? How powerful are they? And how is the mysterious Marcus Raine connected to it all?

Alain Medel

Propel | 370 pages | November 2017


​eBook - $2.49

Propel (Pulse) ​​is proud to announce the official release of Sons Of IO on Monday, November 13, 2017 - but you can place your pre-order for this action-packed YA fantasy thriller now, for the special discount price of only $2.49 for eBook (regular $2.99) and $12.95 for paperback (regular $15.95). All pre-ordered copies of Sons Of IO will also be personally autographed by Alain.

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Sons Of IO

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Sons Of IO

Alain Medel is a YA fiction author with an affinity for sci-fi and fantasy stories. When he isn't busy typing away, he can be found spending time with his family, binge watching TV shows, and consuming vast quantities of caffeine in the form of mochas at his local coffee shop.

Alain lives in Parker, Colorado, with his wife, two children, and four dogs. 

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Sons Of IO