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Charae Lewis is the author of Mil-Town's Finest, a gripping urban fiction tale of betrayal, redemption, and the cold, inescapable grasp of vengeance. Listen as she discusses the origins of her compelling true-life story - including just how much of her own life is captured in the pages.

Shampriest Bevel is the author of Today I Marry My Best Friend: Myself, a compelling tale of learning to embrace the healing power of loving yourself. Listen to her expound on the cultural and spiritual significance of her tale, as well as the continued evolution of her budding literary journey.

Wanda B. Campbell is the author of Kayla's Redemption, a soul-stirring tale of learning to embrace the power of forgiveness. Listen as she discusses the spiritual impact of her riveting new tale, as well as reveals the promising direction of her bright literary future.

Patriece is the author of Myles From Love, a heartrending Christian Fiction tale of broken love, wounded faith, and ultimate redemption. Listen as she reveals the underlying spiritual symbolism of her story, as well as what readers can look forward to in the much-anticipated sequel.

Phillip Giroux is the author of The Journey, Book 1: The Council, a thrilling YA tale of intergalactic action & adventure. Listen as he shares the eclectic sources of inspiration for his page-turning tale, as well as what readers can expect in the exciting next installment in The Journey series.

Ryan Hill is the author of Barking Madness, a gripping YA tale of dark mystery and deadly intrigue. Listen as he reveals the inspiration for his highly acclaimed psychological thriller and sheds light on his upcoming literary plans.

Jaylen Ross is the author of Olympic, a touching romance tale of learning to embrace the mysterious ways of the human heart. Listen to her expound on the personal inspiration for her debut offering, as well as what readers can look forward to next in her blossoming literary career.

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